A Poler’s Xmas Shopping Guide

As part of my first blog post, I thought I’d start off by talking about one of my other favourite things to do…..SHOPPING!!!

So for those of you who know me personally, you will already know that my full time job is to do marketing and events for a regional shopping centre. I love this job and it gives me a great excuse to go shopping every lunchhour! (not that my bank balance appreciates it!) whilst I could happily wander round shopping just for myself, after a few months (or years in my case) this can get boring! (gasp….I know!) so I find myself regularly searching around for gift ideas for people instead.

So whilst carrying out my daily lunchtime window shopping ritual the other day, I started finding items which I thought would be really useful for pole dancers to ask for as gifts from their loved ones for Christmas. Things that we always need but forget to think about it as a gift.

So here’s a few little things I pulled together, enjoy!


leopard print bag new look
Perfect size for weekly training visits. Leopard Print Holdall £19.99, New Look

cosmetic bag, grip aids, M&S
Cosmetic bags are the perfect solution for your grip aids. 3 piece clear cosmetic bag set £6.50, Marks and Spencer

Nike Air Max 90 Women’s suede trainers £96.99, http://www.office.co.uk

Bose Bluetooth speaker £119.95
Have your music loud no matter where you are travelling! Bluetooth speaker £119.95, Bose

Write down each pole achievement you make in this perfect little book and feel gratitude when you look back over what you have achieved! Gratitude Journal £21, http://www.kikki-k.com

infruition-water-bottles £15.99
No longer will you have to go to a spa to enjoy fancy cucumber-infused water, you can now drink it at the studio! Infruition Water Bottles £15.99 http://www.infruition.co.uk

Every poler needs vodka right?! Here’s the 50ml version of the cult Crystal Head Vodka! £8.99, http://www.selfridges.com

Yoga mat £19.99
The most fashionable Yoga mat holder you’ll ever find!            £19.99, H&M

Personalised notebook Not on the high street £12.50
These books are brilliant for your pole move ideas. You can personalise each book and choose what colour you like! £12.50, http://www.notonthehighstreet.com

Gooey skin £9.99, Amazon
Perfect for your filming needs, this phone cover sticks on any flat surface. £9.99, Goey skin http://www.amazon.co.uk

Passion planner £24.99
Plan your dreams into weekly managable bites! Passion Planner £24.99 http://www.passionplanner.com

T shirt New Look £7.99
Perfect for warm ups! Statement t-shirt £7.99, New Look

Leg warmers American Apparel £16
Really comfy leg warmers that last forever! Available in a variety of colours. £16, American Apparel

Black touchscreen gloves £8
Touchscreen gloves £8, Topshop

Lakeland microfibre clothes £2.58
Microfibre cloths £2.58, Lakeland

Hopefully this will give you and your family some ideas about what to ask for/buy your pole dancing loved one this Christmas! X

Hope you also enjoy my new blog and come back again soon!



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