#poledancerproblems – Broad shoulder shopping tips

Shoulders……we love them for what they can help us do when we’re upside down, but when it comes to having to venture out of polewear and into ‘normal’ clothes (yes I said it!) our shoulders can make us look like we’re bursting at the seams! #hulkhell

To add to that if you have a big rack it just adds to the amount of surface area below the neck, and if you don’t you are just screwed!

All is not lost, like all other discussion on female body types, the trick is to move the eye away from ‘negative’ features. At the same time creating balance.

I’ve pulled together a round-up of styles that should help in your quest to find outfits for non-pole dressing – all of these are simple yet effective tricks that won’t break the bank!

To Dress or not to Dress

Sometimes having broad shoulders can mean you are different sizes on top and bottom (especially for the bigger breasted ladies) this can make finding dresses that fit especially difficult. But fear not, dresses with A-line or fit-and-flare skirts will balance out your shoulders. Look for dresses in sturdy fabrics that are fitted through the chest. Stretchy fabrics are especially flattering because they fit a greater range of body shapes. H&M do a great collection of fit-and-flare dresses and are less than a tenner!

H&M black sleeveless dress £7.99 H&M
Black sleeveless dress £7.99 H&M


If you don’t like wearing a dress you can still create the illusion with separates by matching solid-colour tops and bottoms. Skater skirts are your shoulder’s best friend as they flare out to balance your lower body with your upper body; Even with a detailed top, proportions are balanced.

Mesh insert striped skater skirt £25 AX Paris

 Top of the Tops

Most of us who train, spend a lot of time in racer backs because it’s a guaranteed fit and flattering on the shoulders. However this isn’t your only option, there are more shapes and styles that can still look flattering.   

Falling seamlines

Oversize jumpers are coming back for Autumn and this is great for us broadies as their seamlines fall over your shoulder which gives the illusion of them slouching downward not outward and instantly look smaller. This can also apply to shirts and jackets.  

Cheap Monday oversize chunky knit jumper £55 ASOS

 Scoop necks and v necks

Wearing lower cut tops keeps the attention away from your shoulders, leading the eye down instead of from left to right.

Colourblock sleeveless v neck top £35 La Redoute 

Dark and light illusion

Sometimes the simplest of colour co-ordinations can instantly change the look of your shape. Pair a dark top with light bottoms which will give the illusion of a narrower upper-half.

This doesn’t have to mean sticking to black on top and white on bottom, as long as the top is darker than the bottoms, your figure will appear more balanced.

Paisley print curved hem mini skirt mono £12 Misguided
Paisley print curved hem mini skirt mono £12 Missguided

Tank tops & halter necks

When it comes to tank tops and halter necks, the thicker the strap, the better. The more material between the neck and shoulder, the smaller your shoulders will seem. Lipsy have some great halterneck tops in store which perfectly accentuate your assets!

Fleur East by Lipsy chain halterneck wrap front body, £35 Lipsy
Fleur East by Lipsy chain halterneck wrap front body, £35 Lipsy


Kimonos are a perfect investment piece for your wardrobe. The extra material in a kimono sleeve flares out past your shoulders to minimise them and better yet, they can be worn with pretty much any outfit!

Katie Kimono sleeve collarless duster £18 Boohoo
Katie Kimono sleeve collarless duster £18 Boohoo

Rompers and jumpsuits

One of the most flattering and easy-to-wear silhouettes for large chests or broad shoulders they are well fitted on top without looking sloppy, and the slight looseness on the bottom is great for balancing out the larger top half.

Motel Lilah Jumpsuit In Tonal Flower Print £35 ASOS
Motel Lilah Jumpsuit In Tonal Flower Print £35 ASOS

Patterns from the bottom up

Embellished skirts or trousers paired with a plain top will draw the eye down, so the focus is less on your shoulders. From ruffles and pleats to beading and lace, any pattern or embellishment will work with this trick.

Mini Skirt With Aztec Embellishment £42 ASOS
Mini Skirt With Aztec Embellishment £42 ASOS

Hope these tips will give you even more of an excuse to plan in your next shopping spree!  #enableratwork

Dominique x


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