Bristol Fashion Week Day 3: Hair care for dancers & Autumn hair trends with the offical hair stylists at Bristol Fashion Week

Amoungst the madness of backstage at Bristol Fashion Week, I managed to catch up with the style team at G&T (based in Clifton, Bristol) who gave top tips on hair care for dancers and what’s new for hair styles and colours for the Autumn season.

Amy Simpson at G&T gives top tips for hair care for dancers

Hair care for dancers is really important as heat is used so regularly during shows and many dancers with long hair find their hair catches which can cause breakages when the hair is weak. Our top tips to keep your hair healthy and looking at its best would be most importantly – a heat protector, apply when wet and then blow dry into the hair.We are loving the Neal and Wolf guard heat protection, it is light and doesn’t weigh your hair down.

An over night mask is great for someone on the go and doesn’t have time to sit with a treatment on for hours on end. Alternea caviar over night mask is perfect as you can put it on shampooed hair leave it on and then just rinse in the morning!

Invisibobble is an amazing invention that every dancer should purchase, especially as it is so cheap! Invisabobbles are traceless so that when the hair ring is wrapped around the ahir, it places uneven pressure around the circumfrance of the ponytail, so avoids the usual obvious kink mark you get with normal hairbands. Its also good for those who are prone to headaches as it doesn’t pull on the individual hairs or the scalp. IT is also caring for the hair as the seal is not made of metal (which is often why your hair breaks) it is made by soldering the two ends together smothly which prevents the hair from breakage and snapping.


Autumn trends for hair

Hair Jewels

As polers we’re told no jewellery on the pole…..well this season jewellery isn’t just for the body, we can actually get away with it and put it in our hair instead! With an up do, pile a cluster of jewels together which will give your look a chic alternative to earrings. If you don’t find any hair jewels that catch your eye, you can always get creative and use broaches instead. M&S have some fantastic broaches for the winter season.

img_7024Twisted bun 

Bring out your inner ballerina with the twisted bun, one of the hottest trends this season. For this look you need to curl your hair first, spray an antihumidity hair spray all over (G&T recommend Spray Alterna Bamboo Anti humidity hair spray), brush your hair into a pony tail and then take individual sections, twist each one and pin into shape. This new style looks more chic and modern than the traditional classic ballerina look. Finish with more humidity spray and use a shine mist – Alterna Bamboo do a luminous shine mist which is light weight and gives your hair luxurious shine.


Blunt AF

Blunt cuts continue to be a big look this season. Whether you have long or short hair, a sharpe blunt one length chop will keep your hair looking sharp, healthy and bang on trend!



Can’t decide if you have more fun as a blonde or brunette? This season you don’t have to choose, you can have fun being both! Blonde and brunette colouring is applied bespoke to your face shape, skin tone and hair style. The most common applications are valuable, baby lights and hair painting. G&T would recommend booking in a consultation with your local hair salon to get this look applied.



G&T hair salon (formerly Tomlinson hairdressing) is based in Clifton Village, you can contact them for an appointment by calling 0117 946 6051, visit their website Or email:


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