Beauty spotlight: Makeup remover essentials for stage makeup

Having been knee deep in competition training, I got to thinking about costumes….more specifically – makeup.

As performers, we love makeup….it’s an important part of our costume….But what’s the best way to remove it that doesn’t leave a patchwork face print on your pillow and to avoid the dreaded skin breakout after?

I grew up with a Mum who is a makeup artist and skincare consultant, the importance of makeup removal and correct skincare routines has been drilled into me since I was very young.  My mum would always tell me how important it was to use the correct type of makeup removers for each part of your face, as an adult I now find myself wanting to pass on this knowledge to others, especially those who travel alot and think they don’t have time for a skincare regime. Looking after your skin doesn’t have to be time consuming, here are some simple tips about removing makeup, and recommended makeup removers that won’t break your bank balance or your busy schedules!

Remove your makeup before going to sleep

So you’ve finished your performance, you’re back in your room and all you want to do is lay your head on the pillow and pass the hell out! We all know the struggle of not wanting to take off our makeup before bed but it’s so important, especially after wearing heavy makeup. While we sleep, our skin regenerates itself, but if our pores are still filled with makeup, they are unable to breathe, stopping your skin from restoring itself. This can then lead to breakouts, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles 😦

Makeup wipes are not enough

Although makeup remover wipes are the quick fix and easy to carry around when travelling, they don’t remove it fully. Wipes will only remove makeup from your skin’s surface which isn’t enough when it comes to makeup removal as the makeup you applied will have sunk into your pours while wearing it. Think of it like spilling food on yourself, you can remove the top layer of food from the surface, but the residue is still left on your clothes so you still have to place it in the wash for a deep clean. Instead of makeup wipes, a water cleanser and eye makeup remover with cotton pads will thoroughly get through to the pores of your skin and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Cleansing – be a two-timer!

When you’re cleansing your face to remove makeup, doubling up is the way forward. In the same way you should shampoo your hair twice, the first cleanse to your face removes dirt from the surface, and the second cleanses the skin deep within and also boosts circulation which ensures a healthy glow.

Apply and remove in order

In the same way we have an order for which parts of makeup to apply first, the same rule applies for the removal.

-First the lips, most lip colours are bright so removing the brightest, most pigmented part of your makeup will avoid any messy smears across your face during the removal process.

-Next your eyes. It is really important thoroughly remove eye makeup as residue can build up which could lead to an eye infection. The surrounding area around the eye is very thin and delicate so removal needs to be gentle. Rubbing your eyes when removing makeup can weaken the skin and cause irritation or loose skin which can then lead to lines. Instead of rubbing, soak a cotton pad in eye makeup remover, hold and pat it onto the eyes for a few seconds to loosen the mascara/eyeliner and then softly wipe it away.

-Finally your foundation, use a water cleanser for around the face and apply the cleanser twice to really get deep into the pores. Finish with a night cream to keep the skin hydrated during its recovery period overnight.

Eye-makeup removers

Most skincare specialists recommend an oil-based eye makeup remover, especially when using heavy makeup. It’s gentle on the eyes and really quick to remove the dirt. Here are a few I have used which I would highly recommend:

Clarins gentle eye  makeup remover, £14.95


Nivea daily essentials double effect eye makeup remover, £3.59   Superdrug 
MAC gently off eye and lip makeup remover, £16 House of Fraser


A few years back, skincare specialists were advising you to “cleanse, tone and moisturise” before bed. But who has time to do all three of those things before bed let alone carrying them around everywhere you stay! Nowadays, cleansers have become so advanced that they count as cleansers and toners in one. Personally I prefer cleansers that are water based as they are light on the skin yet make your face feel refreshed. Here are a few I would recommend:

Clarins water comfort one-step cleanser, £18.45
Garnier skin naturals micellar cleansing water, £1.99 Superdrug
Nivea daily essentials 3 in 1 sensitive caring micellar water, £3.69 Boots

Night creams

At night your skin rejouvanates and recovers from the exposure of the day. To keep your skin at its best, a night cream shoud be applied after removing makeup to assist in the skin’s rehydration. Here are a few I would recommend, they may seem on the pricey side but you don’t need alot of it (pea-size) and cost per wear it works out cheap!

Vitamin E nourishing night cream, £13 The Body Shop
Clarins multi-active night cream £39.95
Elizabeth Arden anti-aging overnight cream, £71.05

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Dominique x