BFW Day 5 – Personal stylist one to one for a pole dancer

The final day of Bristol Fashion Week and I got the chance to have a personal styling session with the lovely Emmeline Stevens from the Image Consulting Company to talk about style and colour advice for my body shape and skin tone.


Your type of shape I would say is an inverted triangle. The typical rulebook for an inverted triangle is to balance out proportion.

When looking at any body shape, we’re always looking at bringing the line of your proportions in. Your type of shape I would say is an inverted triangle so I would suggest looking for things like a typical prom type skirt – something that kicks out at the hips to balance out the shoulders and defines the waistline where it cinches in. Ones with pockets are really in at the moment – Ted Baker do some lovely ones this season. The danger with an inverted triangle shape is that you can look a bit masculine because of your muscle definition, so a prom type skirt will make you instantly look a lot more feminine. For winter, pair it with some tights because it will show off the tone of your legs.

Ted Baker
There’s a big trend this season around bringing your summer wardrobe into winter wardrobe. Layering cami’s over polernecks or t-shirts is a big look at the moment and again that’s a good way to flatter your type of figure and make it look stylish.

If you have larger breasts, you should look for cami’s with a thicker strap and then have a dark colour underneath like black or navy to accentuate the muscle definition. Or if you want just a cami on its own go for a thicker strap with a v-neck. Topshop have got a  gorgeous cami range with a thicker strap.

Anything with a sleeve will be flattering, but you want to avoid anything with extra embellishments on the shoulders or big ruffles. You’re looking for clothes that are trying to do the opposite, so you’re looking for close fitting fabrics. But if you’re wanting to balance out the body you put the busy patterns to the bottom half of your figure so it draws the eye down. For flatter chested women you want to go for a higher neck like a rollneck, high round neck, turtle neck or a scarf to add femininity.

River Island
A lot of girls out there that don’t really want that feminine look and are then confused with where you go with it. But who says you have to look feminine?! I would turn it around and go with things that have stretch. So when you’re thinking about leather jackets for example, there are leather jackets out there that have elasticated panels (Zara for example have done them in the past). These will offer much more support and it becomes more like a cardigan. Anything with a bit of stretch is always going to work better for you. And of course anything close fitting is always going to be flattering to your figure.

When it comes to knitwear think about adding light layers, instead of just one big chunky knit because that’s only going to broaden out your shoulders. Look for thinner knitwear and layer it up.

New Look
Party dressing I’d go for separates like a skirt and a top because that still gives an amazing effect if not more so, because you can do more with textures and layering than you would with just one dress. One dress is just one item so its almost like a get out clause. Separates will lend itself to be easier for your figure because buying a dress will be more difficult especially if you are one size on the top and another size on the bottom. You can also work them with other things, so you can take your top half and put it with a pair of casual day jeans. I love this off the shoulder bardot style from Coast. This shape top will work perfectly for flatter chests, having the line across the chest gives an instant feminine look.

When it comes to choosing colours that suit, follow your eye colour.  So for you I would say lots of blues and if you want to go for a dark colour go for navy blue. Black works on you too because it makes your eyes pop but navy would be better because if enriches the skin tone as well. To warm up the skin I would say you should look for things with orange, burgundy and purple. If you are scared to go too bright, go with neutral colours first, so teals, burgundys and khaki would work perfectly.

We would always say put the colour towards the face because it radiates the skin but for balancing out your shape you want the colour to the bottom half to draw the attention down and away from your shoulders.


When it comes to coats there are lots to choose from! Bomber jackets are big this season – for your type of figure you want to go for a thinner fabric with less detail on the shoulders. Cuts that go down the shoulder would work well because it gives the illusion of the shoulders looking smaller. Bombers are also a good alternative to a cardigan.

I would recommend a coat that will draw you in at the waistline. Avoid capes! A cape is literally a restructured oversize blanket! So is heavy on the top half. I’d go for something more tailored for your figure like a mac or collarless coat and then add a belt to give the definition and make the figure more feminine.

Waterfall jackets will sit at the wrong position for fuller figured women and anything with detail across the shoulders or breast you want to avoid. Colour wise for coats you should go for a neutral like a navy, khaki or dark camel colour.

Emmeline and her team are available for personal style consultations. Contact her via her website or email she also offers workshops for personal stylists, one to one mentoring and courses. 


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