Top 5 stretches during the Christmas Break with Bendy

Merry Christmas to you all, hope you had a wonderful festive time off, filled with lots of food stuffing and drinking!

Not sure about you guys but after all the relaxing, I find my brain entering into guilt-mode with training and I try to think of what I could do at home that will take away the guilt, while not being able to get to a studio.

I had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely Bendy Kate, who gave her top five recommended stretches during the Christmas break, hopefully these will help ease the festive guilt!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my blogs this year, I have always enjoyed writing so to be able to merge my loves of pole, fashion and writing all together in a place that people read, brings me so much happiness ❤

Thank you all for your support, I wish you all a happy 2017, may it bring good vibes, bigger goals, better experiences, more happiness and lots more shopping!


Dominique Xxx


I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break and given your body the well-earned break it deserved. Now is the time to get back on it, and prepare your body for next year’s training and flexibility goals. Here are my top 5 home stretches to keep you occupied between Christmas and New Years:

1.Neck Stretches

If you have been a bit more stagnant then usual this Christmas break (lots of long sit down meals etc) you might have developed a bit over upper back and neck tension. It’s very important not to neglect stretching your neck too because it can lead to a world of problems!

2. Upper Back Openers

With periods of rest your might feel a bit of tightness/stiffness across the back of the shoulders. And generally most people are a little stiffer in the thoracic spine. So here are two stretches to help prepare you for back bends with good technique next year (bending equally from the whole spine). The first one you can use yoga blocks, a foam roller or both. The second stretch is a little more of a challenge!

3. Lunges

Get creative with your lunges this festive period. There are multiple ways to relax into the hip flexor stretch! Instead of counting second try counting deep breaths in and out!

4. Conditioning

The next suggestion is not a stretch but CONDITIONING! Wake up those core muscles again to prepare your body for more training but also to help protect your back when you start your stretching regime again!

This exercise is just a suggestion, but any core exercises will be helpful!


5. Straddles!

Here is my favourite straddle stretch. This one is your homework to prepare for my next book: A Little Book of Handstands! Coming in February – presale starts mid Jan!


I hope you find these useful! All the stretches are included in Advanced Stretching Technique by Bendy Kate available to buy here Some images are from the second edition of Advanced Stretching Technique, which will be released in April 2017!

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